SolidWorks is a parametric, feature-based 3D CAD program from Dassault Systemes. SolidWorks can primarily be used to create solid models, assemblies and drawing derivations. The program also has very good interface features. This makes it ideal for industrial and product design. Complex free-form geometries and plastic housings for the consumer goods industry can also be created.

Would you like to know how to use surface tools in SolidWorks to create injection-moulded 3D models of complex consumer products that are also completely parametric solid models in the end!? Then we have the right course program for you!

Basic Course

(similar to CSWA-Training)

This course is primarily suitable for beginners or people who already have basic knowledge of other CAD programs such as AutoCAD.
You will learn the basic functions of SolidWorks, working with solid features, creating simple parts and assemblies, and creating 2D drawing derivatives. The learning curve in SolidWorks is very steep and after this course you will already be able to solve simple design tasks in mechanical engineering.

Duration: 18h


Advanced Training

This course requires a good knowledge of SolidWorks. Here you will learn how to create more complex free-form geometries and work with multi-body components. Further content includes working with bevels, walled components, or the basics of surface modeling or working with solid and surface bodies in a component, as well as editing imported (surface) bodies. This training can address your individual requirements.

Duration: By appointment 6 - 8h

NURBS-Modelling & Design-Workflow

This is a special course for consumer goods designers and industrial designers. Here you will learn 3D modeling based on a two-dimensional template (design sketch) and modeling high-quality free-form surfaces and surface transitions ("Class A") for the consumer goods industry. This training is aimed at people who have already mastered SolidWorks or who already know the "basics", but who want to become more professional and productive in dealing with free-form geometries and surface modeling.

Duration: By appointment 12 - 18h

Plastic-Expert Training

You will learn how to create complex plastic parts with walls, ribs, screw domes, molding bevels, grooves and joints that are suitable for series production using injection molding. Good SolidWorks knowledge is required.

Duration: 6h