Rhino Level I

This course includes the provision of the necessary basic knowledge and an overview of the advanced modeling techniques in Rhino. Freeform surface and volume modeling is covered, as is the derivation of 2D drawings and data import and export.

No previous 3D knowledge is required.

Participants  Duration  Fee
1 16h € 1.520,- (excl. VAT)
2: 20h Graduated fee
3+: 24h Graduated fee

Depending on the agreement, this course also includes additional hours of self-study.


Here are a few examples of exercises from this course:

Rhino Level II

In this course you will learn advanced modeling techniques, which are deepened by theoretical knowledge. This allows you to create complex 3D models and larger projects using mixed modeling techniques, i.e. volume and surface creation. The finished objects and assemblies can be prepared and exported both in a 3D format and as 2D drawings or renderings.

Participants  Duration  Fee
1 16h € 1.520,- (excl. VAT)
2: 20h Graduated fee
3+: 24h Graduated fee


Individual Training

This individual training is tailored to the individual needs of the participant or group of participants. The training can be booked by the hour or by the day.

Here are some examples of topics to cover:
Basic knowledge of Rhino 6 or 7
Overview of the advanced modeling techniques
Advanced freeform surface and volume modeling
Derivation of 2D drawings
3D data import and export
Rendering in Rhino 7
Application-specific modeling techniques

Costs: from € 150 (excl. VAT)
Duration: from 1 hour

AutoCAD -> Rhino

Do you want to switch from AutoCAD to Rhino? No problem, Rhino can also be used as a pure 2D drawing application. Standard and advamced dimensions, title blocks, print layouts and many other functions are included in Rhino, making it a comprehensive tool for creating technical drawings.

Depending on your knowledge of Rhino or another drawing program, the duration of the training will be adapted to your individual needs; usually 1 to 2 days is sufficient.

Please inquire to receive an individual offer.





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